The Cook & The Bear
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There was a boy named John Cook who was very good at making things out of wood.


He had fancy tools and would whittle away for hours creating small toys for the kids in the neighborhood to play with.

As the boy and his friends got a little older they decided they were bored of making and playing with the same old little toys.  


The boy proclaimed

“I'll make us a treehouse!!!”

The neighborhood kids cheered so loud you could hear them in the town over.


The boy tried and tried to make the treehouse, but no matter how good the boy was with his tools he wasn’t strong enough to lift the big boards.  The boy was so frustrated he threw his thing-a-ma-jig tool into the forest behind his house…. it went clang off the side of a tree.

Right next to the tree that went clang a bear cub had been watching the boy and his friends trying to put together the treehouse for days and had been wishing he could help out, he’d always wanted a treehouse to play in.  But human boys were scared of bears, so that could never work.


The boy woke up the next day and went looking for the thing-a-ma-jig that he’d thrown into the forest.  Next to the tree on the ground was the boys thing-a-ma-jig in the paws of the sleeping bear cub.  The boy tried to get the thing-a-ma-jig out of the bears hand, but bears are very strong, so the bear just woke up.


The boy was startled by the bear.  The bear got up and instead of growling went over to the biggest log he could find and lifted it over his head.  This was just what the boy needed, he had a great plan…

“Do you want to help me make a treehouse Mr. Bear?”


and the bear nodded approvingly, because bears have plans as well…


The boy and the cub went to work on the treehouse.  

As they began to create the greatest treehouse ever built, people from all over town, and from other towns gathered around to watch.  The boy would make beautiful pieces of wood and the cub would climb up the tree to put them all in place.  Never in their lives had the townspeople seen such a display of workmanship.  


On the last Sunday in Summer the boy and bear proclaimed their great treehouse would be ready for all the kids to play in the next morning.The boy said to the bear “let’s spend the night in the treehouse so we can make sure we have a place to play when it opens.”  The bear nodded approvingly.  


But then they saw it….


There was a small crack in the bottom of the treehouse and they knew they could not open if the treehouse wasn’t completely ready for their friends to come play in.  


So Cook and the bear worked tirelessly through the night to repair the small crack in the base of the house, they worked so hard that late in the night they slumped down into the soft wet grass underneath the tree and fell asleep.

The next day they were awoken by quite a commotion.


They looked up


and their treehouse was full of their friends and their friends friends and their friends friends friends from all around.


“There’s definitely no room up there for us.”  

Said the boy, and The bear nodded approvingly.  

“But it sure looks like they are having fun up there.”

and the bear nodded approvingly again.  


As they looked up into the treehouse with pride and satisfaction

the bear turned to the boy and asked...


“Now what do we build?”